What is the role of the virtual event planner?

The emergence of virtual events has shifted our role as the event planner. Having successfully planned several virtual events in the past few months, I have learned A LOT and understand the value we bring to clients opting to go virtual.

While there is still a focus on the pretty florals and design, there is a significant amount of time spent collaborating with the production company, visual artist and tech insiders. Whether it is a wedding, nonprofit or corporate party, the expertise and creative vision we bring is still critical to the success of the virtual event.

Going virtual is a whole new world, so if you haven’t planned one yet, don’t feel overwhelmed. It may be hard to know where to start and what your responsibilities will be, but at the end of the day, it is still an event and you know what needs to be done!

Below are 5 tips/tricks that can help you outline your role, demonstrate your value and set expectations with your client.

1.  The production company is your friend

As I mentioned, one of your major responsibilities will be selecting the production team. This is the company that is going to seamlessly build your video and actually create the virtual event. As with anyone you collaborate with, understand deadlines, their work style and ensure it’s the right fit.

2.  Conduct research and select your platform.

Before you can do this, know what you want to accomplish with your event. Will it have a live component, do you want the ability to chat with others? If it’s a fundraiser, will you have an auction? There are many platforms to choose from – FB Live, YouTube, MobileCause (for fundraising) but they do not all offer the same functionality and it’s important to understand limitations.

3.  Utilize social media

This is extremely important if you are planning a virtual gala. You have the opportunity to capture a larger audience – across the world – than you would for a live, in person event. Create a social media strategy around the event – this is one case where too much is never enough!

Even if it’s a wedding, baby shower, graduation or other social event, you want to be sure those important to you feel included. Create some fun video teasers you can share with guests and get them excited about the festivities. We all need an excuse to celebrate, even if it looks different.

4.  Designers you are not forgotten

Don’t worry, even though the event is virtual, you still have to consider the look and feel. The design is still extremely important and you want it all to be cohesive – from the save-the-dates, invitations, to the website.

5.  It’s still about your guests

Even though you may not be gathering together, still be thoughtful and build some anticipation around your event. After all it is still a celebration! Be sure to let them know how they can interact together (chat feature is key) and send them a viewing kit complete with a bottle of wine (or your favorite cocktail mix), conversation starters and snacks to enjoy while they are tuning in.

If you are interested in learning more about planning virtual events, email me for our one-page virtual event guide! Happy planning – virtually.

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