Welcome to Engagement Season; First Up the Ring

It’s engagement season and the first step is selecting the perfect ring. But where do you start?

1.  Get familiar with the 4Cs – Cut Clarity, Color and Carat.

This Tiffany Guide to Diamonds (because it’s Tiffany) will get you up to speed quickly and help you understand how diamonds are classified before you make the purchase.

After reviewing, you’ll be ready to purchase the perfect ring – like this gorgeous Tiffany Soleste® Cushion-cut Double Halo engagement ring.

2. Vintage vs. Buying New Considerations

Vintage, great for clothes, cars, and furniture. But does it make sense to buy a vintage engagement ring? Well, obviously it comes down to personal preference. If you’ve inherited a diamond, do some research on ways you can incorporate a vintage cut into the style of ring you like. If those two styles don’t match, then save the stone for that beautiful anniversary necklace. If you love the subtle beauty of your inherited diamond compared to the brilliance of a modern cut diamond, be sure you work with a reputable jeweler who can advise you and create a setting that will enhance the beauty of your vintage diamond.

Set on designing with a vintage ring? Check out this design article from Calla Gold Jewelers for information on how to start the process.

3. Buying new- ethical standards

There has been a lot of discussion about ethically sourced diamonds and you want to make sure you work with someone that can verify their diamonds are not sourced illegitimately. When buying new, be sure to find a retailer who can authenticate their diamonds by showing you a KP Certificate meaning that they source their diamonds from a supplier following the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme and have entered the United States through legitimate channels. 

Check out more about the Kimberley Process for more information

Below is a list of our favorite jewelers to get started!





Hope this helps select the perfect ring – be sure to send photos, we’d love to see them.

Next up, planning the perfect proposal!

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