5 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Planner…that you don’t know to ask!

You found the guy, you have the ring, you thought you were done with first date jitters right? Well, you have one more important date to go on – the one with your potential wedding planner.

This is an important date because whoever you hire will be working with you for a year or even more. You need to like them, both personally and professionally. Keep in mind, planners are also interviewing you! Most have worked hard to define their brand and client base and they want to work with someone that is right for them.

To ensure a planner first date without the awkwardness, we’ve come up with 5 questions to ask that you won’t find on most online resources.

1. What will our experience be like working with you?

In asking this question, you should obtain an understanding of their processes, what systems they use to help streamline the planning, how timely they respond to questions and the first thing you can expect once you sign on. They should also outline their etiquette on phone calls and text.

2. Explain your pricing methodology and why you charge what you charge.

There is no standardization for pricing in the wedding industry, so planners charge differently. Some offer a flat rate, some work on a percentage and some hourly. It’s important to understand the how and why of their method and what it means for you.

3. Tell us about yourself – what hobbies do you have? What was your wedding like or what is the vision for YOUR wedding someday?

Don’t be afraid to ask the personal questions! Your planner is probably going to ask you some as well. Planning a wedding is extremely personal, so it’s our belief you can’t find the right fit without knowing a little bit about their interests and hobbies

 Oh, this also Instagram stalking comes in handy:)

4. What is your area of expertise? Is it design, the logistics, professional relationships?

This is where you’ll want to know how a planner will be most valuable to you. If you need someone strong in logistics and coordination and they highlight design as their area of expertise, it may not be the right fit. Keep in mind most planners love the design aspect and that’s why they got into the biz, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t like the nitty-gritty of preparing timelines etc. This is where viewing their portfolio comes in handy It will give you insight into their design aesthetic and whether it matches your own.

5. What can we expect after the wedding?  

Why is this important? You’ll want to know if they will be there to help with any follow up and final correspondence with the team. Also, you never know, the next big milestone celebration could be just around corner. We always want to keep lines of communication open with our clients and know what is happening in their lives.

Oh, and I will add a bonus one! Who is your ideal client?

Finding the right planner for you will ensure you enjoy the process as much as the wedding day. Trust their knowledge of the industry and that they have your best interest in mind. Prepare in advance just like you would for any first date:), know what will be most important to you from your planner and share useful information. This could be the start of an amazing relationship that lasts well beyond your wedding. For us, that is where the magic happens.

Have additional questions/suggestions to ask your planner? Let us know in the comments!

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