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Wedding Crashers Are No Joke

Don’t Let Unwanted Guests Ruin Your Wedding Day

Don’t Let Unwanted Guests Ruin Your Wedding Day

We all know the movie Wedding cCrashers, but it’s just a movie, right? People crashing to meet singles or drink for free doesn’t really happen. Well it does and recently one individual has taken it a step further, stealing gifts and cards at several weddings leaving the bride and groom with a nightmare end to their magical day.

Currently, authorities are currently looking for a woman in Texas who they believe has been involved in several thefts at weddings.  It’s gone beyond a funny fad into serious business that can ruin a couple’s special day. As a wedding planner, unwanted guests are something we need to be aware of throughout the event. In many cases, we are the first to spot a suspicious person and can be the first defense in keeping unwanted guests away.

So how do you spot suspicious guests and hopefully avoid this from happening to you? There are some simple steps you can implement to ensure no one is able to walk away with valuables and personal belongings.


1.      Make sure cards are kept in a box that locks securely and the key is kept in a safe place. If available, assign one person to have cards locked in the venue’s safe where you can keep track of the number of cards and only one person (who you trust) has access.

2.     Encourage guests to have gifts sent before the wedding. This is becoming more the norm and will reduce the number of gifts brought to the wedding and less for a thief to take.

3.     Assign someone to monitor gifts or ask the venue if they can provide a person to do this. They should monitor the area where gifts are presented and then they can move them to a locked room.

4.    If you don’t have someone to watch gifts and cards, make sure they are kept somewhere that is not easily accessible to the public. Many times gifts and cards are kept near the entrance, but this makes it easy for thieves to help themselves.

5.    Some venues require guests to sign in and provide an ID. This may seem unnecessary and inconvenient for your guests, but it adds another layer of protection. And really, if it stops someone from ruining your day, isn’t it worth it? If this seems extreme, talk to your venue about options for security and having someone discreetly monitoring the area and guests for any suspicious activity.

Weddings should be about joy and laughter and it’s a sad reality that others are taking advantage of these celebrations for their own gain. We hope this is a trend that will fade quickly, but taking a few steps to ensure unwanted guests don’t ruin your day is priceless, right?