Toast of the town


The toasts (no we’re not talking about avocado toast) are a fixture at weddings. They make guests feel welcome and many times bring you closer to the couple and the milestones that brought them together.

Most are familiar with the welcome, typically given by the father of the bride, or more common now given by parents of the bride or groom. There is also the best man and MOH speech. These are part of the special moments that make up your event and often become part of your wedding story – yes, every wedding has a story and many times it comes from the events of the day – many coming from the details that didn’t quite go as planned. This is the story of your wedding that make it special and will be remembered.

Because toasts are such an important part of the wedding, we are seeing a growing trend of the couple’s toast. This is a trend we are encouraging our couples to consider as they plan their day. It’s an opportunity to thank guests and let them know how special it is that everyone they love are all in one place and able to share this moment.

Giving a toast may seem daunting and just one more item to add to the to do list, but it can sprinkle in the personal, intimate touch that elevates the experience for your guests AND for you as the couple. Imagine watching this moment 5, 10, 15 years later and being transported back to the day and the emotions you felt, beautifully captured forever.

If the thought of public speaking makes your palms sweat, don’t worry! There are ways to plan and give a flawless speech. We’ve worked with many couples to review their speech or have sat with them (love Zoom or Go to Meetings if you can’t meet in person) while they read the speech out loud to us. No matter your comfort level with public speaking, we always recommend practicing and being aware of the length and delivery. As your planning family, we’re happy to help!

If you are unsure what to say or how to express your feelings, we can also work with you to find a ghost writer, someone that will take your thoughts and emotions and eloquently put them on paper. There is no shame in going this route and there are many ways a ghost writer can help. Check out the fabulous ghost writing resources we’ve put together for you to help find the right partner.

Whether you decide to embrace this trend or not, remember to have fun, raise your glasses together and soak in the moment with all your loved ones around you in one place. Cheers!