How to Plan the Perfect Bachelorette or Bachelor Party


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Okay, so today we are talking about all things related to your bachelor/bachelorette weekend (or even week for some). They have become the pre wedding festivities to toast the couple and have some fun with your besties before the big day. So, why not do it right and plan a “destination” party since some of your closest friends probably don’t live in the same area.

Obviously, location is key. Of course we all know the popular destinations - Texas, Nashville and Las Vegas – but we also have some new hot spots on our radar. Consider Minneapolis. What? Why not? It’s right on the water, has great night life, restaurants. The weather is also ideal during the summer months. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is also another spot we love.  Or how about Costa Rica? Check out El Castillo de Esparza. This private oasis includes pool, hot tub, cabana bar, custom menus, luxurious accommodations and amenities for up to 20 guests. This spot is perfect for any celebration.

Once you’ve selected your location, infuse some fun activities in between the cocktails and dining experiences.  Below are some of our favorite ideas.

Have a close group of guy and girlfriends? Why not have a co-ed party. This could involve a sporting event or some other activity that you all enjoy together! Have you tried Urban Axes – it’s different and will get people talking! Or are you all adventurous and speed junkies? Go ziplining or skydiving or if that’s too much, try the latest trend in escape rooms – check out amazeescape!

You can also keep it more traditional with a spa day or a yoga class – the guys roll their eyes, but in the end they’ll be thankful for their soft hands and the relaxation time. Maybe not everyone is adventurous or into spas, so offer options and do your own thing in the morning and then plan a group night out.

Are you philanthropic? Have everyone volunteer at a nonprofit and give back. If everyone loves pets, look into donating your time to the ASPCA or help out at a local food kitchen. There are so many options for volunteering and it’s a feel-good moment for everyone!

If you’re into food and wine, why not plan an in-home chef cooking demo. You can hire a chef to do a cooking demonstration and serve you a fabulous meal while everyone kicks back and enjoys the fine dining!

These are just a sampling of ideas – there are so many! Hopefully it got you thinking about what is the best bachelorette/bachelor party for you.

Have any questions – reach out to us and we’ll help you create an amazing celebration!