Newly Engaged? Read our 5 Tips what you need to know before you start planning

The holidays bring another of our favorite traditions – engagement season. Congratulations, if you are among those now staring at the new sparkle on your finger! Before you start planning check out our top 5 tips and remember, enjoy the engagement period as much as the wedding day!

1.      Our number one tip? It may seem obvious but purchase a notebook to keep it all organized. It will also allow you to jot down all those ideas that will pop in your head at any time. We love the wedding collection from @sugarpaperla 📓


2.      Before you start discussing wedding plans with family and friends pop some bubbly or your favorite wine or cocktail and discuss YOUR vision for the wedding. Set some parameters and non-negotiables so you keep perspective and stay true to who you are as a couple. This will make the planning process more enjoyable and fun. 🥂 🍾


3.      It may not seem like fun, but you need to talk budget and make sure everyone is in agreement. Discussing this early in the planning process will allow you to focus on the fun things – like finding that dress. When dress shopping first stops should be @yourdreambridal or @lelitebridal 👰



5.      Prepare your guest list - you’ll want to do this before you visit venues so you have an idea of how many guests you want to accommodate 🖊️ 💰


 Photo courtesy of A Bowl Full of Lemons

6.      Schedule a dinner to have your families meet. If families are located in different parts of the country, plan a weekend get away that is convenient for everyone. It’s a great way to kick off the engagement period and celebrate the union of the two families. 👪


Photo courtesy of David Tucker Photography