5 Ways to Wow Your Guests

Having trouble coming up with ideas to entertain your guests? Here are 5 thrilling options that are sure to wow the crowd.

A Live Event Artist

Consider hiring a painter to attend your event. Whether a wedding, a backyard party, or a corporate gala, the artist will capture the event as its happening. Guests will enjoy watching the process, and you will enjoy the end result: a canvas to display your fond memories of your special event!

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Array of Food Trucks

Stray away from the traditional sit down dinner and plated dessert for something interactive and personal. Hire a variety of food trucks (Think tacos, Burgers, Pizza, Ice Cream, or Cupcakes). Let guests roam about the outdoor space and choose their meals for themselves. However, if your event will be inside, you can still bring the feeling of the Food Truck to your space. Set up individual stations with festive decorations to distinguish between each meal option.

Flip Book Stations

As the presence of photo booths becomes more popular at each event, try for something unique that your guests will have never seen before. Each guest will take a series of photos with different props and signs that are appropriate for your event. After, the photographer will transform them into a nostalgic flip book, one that shows their movement from beginning to end within the photo booth. For a more technological approach, switch the flip book option for a GIF (an online animation).

A Personalized Beer (or Soda) Bar

Let guests create and customize their own drinks with your own beer bar. Choose three different beers to put on tap and set out cute glasses (maybe mason jars?!) for guests to enjoy. For an alcohol free option, hire a soda bar attendant who will make customized flavors of bubbly drinks in front of each guest. This option allows for some creative and tasteful flavors, like strawberry and Rhubarb soda.

A 60 Second Novelist

This 60 Second Novelist will do just that… write a personalized book for your guests within only one minute! Starting off with asking simple questions, each story will end up being between 200-300 words, typed on a typewriter and bound in a book for each guest to take home. The story, in turn, is funny, imaginative and true!

The New York Times thinks this is a good one too!