Mitzvahs Trends 2016

All about personalization, colorization and oversized props...

2016 is proving to be an exciting year in the mitzvah world – so many props, gadgets and technology you can bring in to create the perfect vibe. Where to start? Pop Art is inspiring a lot of bright colors and graphic prints and comic books will continue to fuel the design and creativity of many mitzvah celebrations. Wall panels of custom backdrops are a fun way to bring in these elements.

One idea is incorporating a kid’s favorite brand – Apple, Lucky, Express – even (sigh) Prada. Oversized words or marquee lights can incorporate the band logo or photos of favorite music, food, films or books. We also suggest selecting an out of the ordinary venue such as a theatre, music or art studio.

Whatever you decide, our advice - personalize, colorize and oversize. These elements will become your décor and mesmerize your guests.

Here are some cool ways we’ve seen brands incorporated into mitzvahs.