Do you offer Day-Of or Month-Of Service?

The lowest level of support we offer is referred to as our concierge mid-level service. This is much more than traditional ‘day-of’ event management.

The process starts 3-6 months out, and assumes you have curated the majority of your team. The process includes: coordination logistics, management of the design process, development of your timeline, and overall event management.

Do you travel?

Yes, we love to travel!  We’ve planned and designed events all over New England and in New York City, South Florida, Pennsylvania and Costa Rica.

If you have a specific destination in mind, we’re all ears! Get in touch to discuss your dream event locale with us.

What is your pricing structure?

Our pricing is a combination of a flat fee and percentage of the budget, regardless if we’ve been involved in securing the event professionals. The percentage is capped so you can feel confident our fee is not based on the total of the overall wedding. During our initial consultation, more specifics on pricing are provided.


How does the design process work with tbe?

This is one of the parts we love! The process really starts when we have our initial consultation.

We want to know your favorite color, brands, designers, celebrities and more. We also want to know about you as a couple. Where do you shop? What is your favorite restaurant? Favorite article of clothing? All of this information helps us during the design process.

We’ll build a design plan with photos, sketches and ideas that will make your event uniquely “you.” We then partner with the appropriate vendors for rentals, lighting and other design elements in order to bring your design plan to life.

What is the tbe differentiator?

What makes us different is the depth of industry experience that we are able to draw upon for every event. After almost two decades in the event industry, we have honed our ability to:

  • Anticipate our client’s needs and curate the best team for their event.

  • Instinctively think and focus on the details that will result in an amazing guest experience.

  • Adapt our process and methods based on how you work best. It’s our goal to make the planning process as enjoyable as the wedding day.

  • Stay composed under pressure and adapt to changes. We’re realists and know that something can go wrong. The secret is in finding a solution that is even better than the original plan.