Our philosophy is to go above and beyond in order to deliver amazing celebrations that exceed the expectations of our clients.

Whether we’re offering a Kleenex to the Mother of the Bride before the ceremony, assisting a nervous best man before his speech, or anticipating the needs of your guests by providing a pair of Rescue Flats or a pashmina to a grandmother who looks cold, ensuring an incredible guest experience is the driving force behind what we do.

It’s about looking beyond the trends, and understanding our clients’ unique backgrounds, cultures, and customs while utilizing the latest tools to streamline the planning process.

01. Kick-Off

The event planning process starts with a “kick-off” meeting where we’ll dive deeper into creating an unforgettable experience for your guests.

Based on your vision and what is important to you, we’ll create a realistic budget that we’ll manage in order to ensure the best return on investment for your event.

02. Coordination and Logistics

We’ll utilize our 18+ years of experience and industry knowledge, in order to curate the perfect team. Each vendor will be hand picked based on your preferences, and will be an integral part of taking your event to the next level.

03. Design Process

This is where the fun happens! We’ll create design plans based on the information we gather from you, which will culminate into a décor presentation where you will see, feel, and touch all of the elements that were uniquely procured for your celebration.

04. Event Management

This is where we create the timeline for your event (or as we like to call it: your production schedule). This document will be given to each member of your vendor team to ensure a flawless event!  

If you’re ready to learn more about how we can help you plan your timeless, classic, unforgettable celebration, we encourage you to schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation call by clicking the button below.